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Graduating from San Jose State University with a BSEE in 1984 with analog RF Microwave concentration, Gary worked for Planar Microwave, Teledyne Microwave, FEI (TRW)  Microwave and Mirage Systems. Afterwards, he consulted for various high-tech companies as an Electrical Engineering Consultant starting around 1993. Simultaneously, Gary also joined then start-up Endgate Corporation  ( Endwave Corporation ) as a Manager of Information Technology and assisted through extensive growth period and IPO six years later.  In 2000, Gary started his information technology services business while also continuing to consult for the electrical engineering companies. Lately, Gary has been focusing on High-Brightness LED ( HBLED ) lights and luminaires in conjunction with solar voltaic panels, various batteries, and electronic controllers.  Gary is also a die-hard Electric Vehicle ( EV ) enthusiast and is working on developing advanced electric propulsion systems and related confidential products.

New Start-ups:  Incubating, 2016. Founded: 南京明道光电科技有限公司 Nanjing Mingdao OptoElectronic Technology Co., Ltd 2012, Nanjing, China.  XtremeLUX LLC, 2011.


  Dr. Chih-shun (Larry) Lu  陸志舜

C. Larry Lu received his B.S. from Tunghai University (Taiwan), M.S. from Auburn University, and Ph.D. from Syracuse University, all in Physics.  With over 40 years of experience, his technical interests have been in the research and development of in situ monitors for controlling the processes for manufacturing  semiconductor and optical devices.  He founded three hi-tech companies (Inficon, Xinix, and Intelligent Sensor Technology) and served various executive positions.  In between the start-ups, as well as currently, he has served as a consultant and new product developer under the name of C. Lu Laboratory for clients worldwide.  The products that he developed are extensively used now in the thin film and semiconductor industries.   One of the products that he developed, the Sentinel™ I continuous deposition rate monitor, received the prestigious IR-100 Award by Industrial Research Magazine as one of the most significant technical products in 1975.  He published over 25 peer-reviewed papers in leading technical journals, gave numerous invited talks in various technical conferences, co-edited a reference book on piezoelectric crystal microbalance, and taught a short course for American Vacuum Society.  He wrote several proposals, either independently or jointly with major academic institutions, such as Stanford University, Washington State University and University of Virginia, and successfully won multi-year R&D contracts from government agencies such as DARPA, NASA, Navy, and Army.   He is the author of 5 U.S. patents, all being developed into products with commercial successes.   He also served on the Board or as an advisor for several hi-tech companies on business related matters.  He was the founding director of AAMA (Asia America MultiTechnology Association), now the largest non-profit organization in Silicon Valley dedicated to the Asia American high-tech community.

  Dr. Edward Stoneham

A. B. in Physics from U. C. Berkeley and Ph. D. in Applied Physics from Stanford U.  At Hewlett Packard developed the company’s first one-micron silicon transistor, three generations of reactive ion etching and plasma processing capabilities, and the first production ion-implanted GaAs FET process.  At Microwave Technology Inc. established the production processes for highly linear and rugged 0.3-micron GaAs FETs and for alumina thin-film circuits.  Managed the MMIC foundry interface and MMIC packaging effort at Pacific Monolithics.  As Advanced Technology Director and Engineering Fellow at Endwave Corporation, developed MLMS™ flip-chip integration technology, Epsilon™ laminate subsystem packaging technology, and the EW600 series of low-cost credit-card-sized 60-GHz transceivers.  Now Principal of Stoneham Innovations consulting, investing, and developing LED lighting products.  Member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi and Senior Member of IEEE.  Author of more than eighteen U. S. patents.

Most recent publication:  Stoneham, E. B. (2010). Millimeter-wave chip-on-board integration and packaging. In K. Kuang, F. Kim and S. S. Cahill (Ed.), RF and microwave microelectronics packaging (pp. 69-90). New York: Springer.

 Co-Founded: 南京明道光电科技有限公司 Nanjing Mingdao OptoElectronic Technology Co., Ltd 2012, Nanjing, China.  XtremeLUX LLC, 2011.

Dr. Scott Wetenkamp

Scott Wetenkamp PhD , Engineering Consultant. Dr. Wetenkamp served as president of SCEAN, a sole proprietor consulting company, since September 1986. From May 1999 until December 2001, Dr. Wetenkamp served as Vice President of Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc., a microwave sources company. Prior thereto, he served as a senior member of the technical staff of Pacific Monolithics, Inc., a company that built microwave GaAs ICs and subsystems, from 1991 until 1993. He is vice chair of the 2006 International Microwave Symposium for the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and serves on the administrative committee of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He holds one patent in the field of microwave power detection. Mr. Wetenkamp received a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Science degree and a Doctorate degree, all in electrical engineering and from the University of Illinois.


Ph.D. 1975, University of Illinois. Thesis: " Optimal Synthesis of Multiloop Active RC Filters"

MSEE 1973, University of Illinois. Thesis: " A Phase-Locked Receiver for Measuring Dispersive Group Delay on Satellite Signals"

BSEE 1971, University of Illinois

Professional Activities:

MTT AdCom member 1999 - 2006

Steering Committee member for the 1996 MTT International Symposium

Chairman of the Santa Clara Valley IEEE / MTT Society 1995 - 1996

Vice-Chairman of the Santa Clara Valley IEEE / MTT Society 1994 - 1995

Secretary of the Santa Clara Valley IEEE / MTT Society 1993 - 1994

Treasurer of the Santa Clara Valley IEEE / MTT Society 1992 - 1993

Publications and Patents:

"Another Approach to Multiloop Feedback", Proceedings of the 1975 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Boston, MA. pp 258-260, April 1975.

"Combating Phase-Lock Loop 'Transportation Lag'", Microwave System News, Vol. 8, #3, March 1978.

"Transportation Lag in Phase-Lock Loops", Watkins Johnson Technotes, Vol. 5, #3, May/June 1978.

"Comparison of Single Diode vs Dual Diode Detectors for Microwave Power Detection", IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium Digest, pp 362-363, June 1983.

"Balanced Detector Response to Spurious and Subharmonic Signals", Proceedings of the Measurement Science Conference, pp 345-353, January 1984.

"Broadband Microwave Detector" , Patent # 4,360,865 , February 24, 1981.

"Dividerless Phase Locked Loops" , Proceedings of RF Expo, San Diego, CA, March 1992.Speaker at the 1995 Santa Clara Valley MTT Short Course.

San Jose, CA, USA.

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