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Description:  Burn-In Rack and Data Acquisition Control System - BIRDACS

Technical Summary:

Application: Extended burn-in runs with computerized data acquisition.

Customer: California Micro Devices ( CMD ) , now a subsidiary of On Semiconductor Corporation.

BIRDACS ATE ready to ship to customer site. BIRDACS consists of three main parts: the data acquisition control
system ( tall cabinet ), the rack ( on the left of the tall cabinet ) for DUTs, and the temperature oven ( not shown ).  

BIRDACS ATE up-and-running at the customer site.  Here, shown inside the temperature chamber, is the 
burn-in rack populated with DUT trays. The rack can accommodate 48 DUT trays.

A screen shot of BIRDACS ATE Column A Data at the customer site.  The ATE
software was programmed using TestPoint.